Top 5 New healthcare features in 2020


Healthcare features in 2020 can change our medical field. As we know the healthcare system has historically been slow to adopt technology, but now we are witnessing a lot has changed due to online doctor appointment scheduling. In India, people are still dithering to book online doctor appointment and opt for digital healthcare services. Yet we need to add some more versatile genuine, trustworthy features to reinvent healthcare with a digital approach.

How the current healthcare system proceeds?

So guys, before going further to check Healthcare features in 2020, let’s take a simple example. Recall the days when you needed a doctor and how the medical system concocted. When you got sick, you went to see a doctor, he diagnoses you and asks you to do some tests firstly and for immediate remedy, he prescribes some medicines that you buy from medical, and after that, you go to a lab and get your tests done.

After 1 or 2 days, you take your medical test reports from a lab and again go to your doctor. Doctor checks your reports and prescribes you another course of medication for 3 days or four as per your reports. You again visit your doctor and the same procedure repeats. 

Problems we face in the current procedure-
  • Long queues in hospitals, clinics & camps 
  • Patients get frustrated remembering dates for appointments and labs 
  • Distant diagnosis-centres or clinics
  • Delayed test reports
  • Missed appointments or unable to reschedule easily
  • Lost prescription slips or reports
  • Incorrect medications fill for the correct prescription i.e. human errors, handwriting interpretation challenges etc
  • Unaware of the recent government aids, schemes, and health insurance benefits
  • Inadequate diagnosis or incorrect planning of care due to no record of previous medical reports and conditions

Here we are listing Top 5 new healthcare features in 2020. These will revolutionize the change, which will improve quick engagements, patient care, doctor’s practice, lab report delivery time and much more.

#1 Telehealth

In the year 2019, a lot of platforms adopted online learning, webinars, online engagement etc. So the medical system too approached Telemedicine or Telehealth practices. Many rural areas in India are still lacking in quick medical support while emergencies and many times this delay in reaching out to doctor lead unfortunate, even death.

In such cases, when a patient demands a doctor instantly or it is taking time to contact a specialist, Telehealth feature works like a god. Telehealth is convenient in a click and can provide you with an instant temporary remedy until you reach your doctor.

Telehealth can be one of the most extraordinary Healthcare features in 2020.

#2 Book Doctor Appointment Online

When the whole world is moving towards an online fast delivery system, online shopping, online instant access and all ready-made solutions, nobody wants to wait for anything, even if it is waiting for the cure. Since long quick treatment was never into existence and still many times you have to sit for long periods of your turn or stand in long queues of the hospitals. Online Doctor Appointment is the perfect remedy for this problem. 

Through online doctor appointment scheduling, you can check doctor’s availability, services, charges, contact information, free slot and what not. Booking a doctor appointment online is as easy as ordering a product online. It is new healthcare features in 2020 and smartest one in the medical system, especially when it’s schedule through Healcard.

Healcard is one of the impressive trendy platforms for new healthcare features in 2020

#3 Electronic Medical Reports

Patients may have to consult different specialists for the same or different health matters, and so doctors require all their medical records & medications that a doctor prescribes. If both doctor and patient using an online healthcare platform as Healcard, they can share portable reports, lab test reports, X-rays and other. The EHR is also a wise solution to the problem of misreading a handwritten prescription. Electronic health records or electronic medical records EMR is handy, quick, portable and thus Improves decision making among medical specialists. With increased knowledge of how to use EMR systems in a meaningful way, medical procedures are improving to put the beneficial effect on workflow. EMRs/EHRs are explicit and so amazingly dictated to read, view and analyze patient’s disease and improvement.

EHR/EMR make the whole medical workflow automated, providing quick, accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about patients for early diagnosis, more coordinated and effective quality care. E-prescriptions help in medication process goes smoothly without any delay – right medicines to the right door. Electronic verified records are always precise, explainable, and securely portable to send an access request to other clinics and relatives without the fear of losing your reports.

#4 Technology in Medical 

Technology in medical is a great need and plays a magnificent role. In fact technology in any sector works like magic. Healthcare system with such technological functionalities makes the whole procedure simpler. Healcard App is one of the big examples of that, this app is equally beneficial for doctors, hospitals, labs, medicals and for patients. Healcard collaborates and bridges the gap between all medical specialists and care seekers so that the patient need not wander randomly for different tests, diagnosis, and medicines. Also, medical specialists can manage their workflow, appointments, billing and much more.

Here see how

#5 Cloud Storage Security

Among healthcare features in 2020 cloud storage security is one of the best features that each of online user thinks of. Privacy & security in the medical system is a necessity as it is the confidential information that should never be leaked. 

A cloud storage system in medical going to have grandiose effects on healthcare. Doctors and other medical specialists can smartly Cloud makes it easy and ensures smooth as well as efficient execution of the entire health check process. Cloud solutions eliminate the need for maintaining records on papers, local servers, or even in any device. At Healcard, cloud storage facilitates to assemble documents, files, and records at a secure place, to get access whenever you want. Cloud computing can revolutionize healthcare rendering it in a more efficient way through a decentralized approach; thus, it improves the patient experience, providing best services in comparison to others.


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